7 Stamped Concrete that Will Impress Your Neighbors

Stamped concrete is one of the best ways to make your home truly stand out from the rest. Also called imprinted or patterned concrete, you can have hundreds of options to choose from and an affordable option compared to the cost to source materials and properly lay them. There are a number of stamped concrete design options that you may not have considered before. Here are five design patterns that Sam the Concrete Man can do to help you achieve the home of your dreams.

stamped concrete ideas
boulder stamped concrete

Seamless slate (spotted caramel) with brick-laden border:

This design pattern works great for backyard patios with lots of room for parties or BBQs. The color palette looks particularly well in wooded areas in the forests. 

Approach Walkway with Colored Concrete Border

Another great-looking option with places with lots of greenery is a red-colored concrete border. This option looks just as good and is a bit cheaper! Cheap-stained concrete has a lot going for it!

northwest chicago stamped concrete
austin stamped concrete

Seamless Slate Sectioned Walkway

For those with gardens in their front yard, try a seamless slate sectioned walkway that will add so much “pop” to your yard. Better than doing it on your own, getting the exact curvature can pose many problems. Better to hire a concrete expert to get the job done.

Brick Orchard Stamped Patio

In those hot climates like Fort Worth, San Antonio & Provo, you want something that can outlast the heat and provide a sense of calm and security. We believe this design is the perfect way to feel like a king in your backyard. Pitch up a canopy, walk up to your brick orchard-stamped patio, and relax.

ez pad hot tub vs concrete pad hot tub
san antonio stamped concrete

Crocodile Gray Stamped Patio

Perfect in nearly any backyard, this skin provides a look and feel of high-class luxury while still being practical for most outdoor applications. This picture was taken from our franchisee in Northwest Chicago! Look closely to see the crocodile skin.

White Brick Stamped Concrete Patio

When the weather brings the heat, you should play in style. Whether you have a pool in the backyard or just want to increase your curb appeal with eye-catchy stamped concrete, this white brick border works effortlessly to achieve massive attention. Create your perfect backyard oasis.

san antonio stamped concrete
concrete pad for hot tub

Dynamic Color Stamped Concrete Walkway


This one looks straight out of Alice in Wonderland. Mixing and matching color options is a great way to make your concrete walkway stand out from the rest. When people walk up to your house, it will leave a strong, lasting impression. Make a difference on your block with colored concrete!

7 Stamped Concrete that Will Impress Your Neighbors

So there you have it, stamped concrete comes in all different shapes, colors, and sizes. Options are literally limitless in terms of what’s possible. The question is how will you use stamped concrete to fulfill your artistic vision? Leave us a comment letting us know your favorite design! If you’re looking for a concrete contractor near you, we serve in over 50 locations across the U.S.! 

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